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Band Scramble

A Band Scramble is when folks attending the festival throw their names in a hat.  A random drawing results in groups containing 3-5 players.  These groups are now a band and they have the day to get together with their bandmates, pick a band name and arrange a tune to be presented before a live audience during the Saturday afternoon concert.   A winning band will be chosen by the classic applause-o-meter method and will receive an appropriate prize for the winning effort.
We will draw names and help get the bands organized on Saturday morning during the workshop session from 9_00 to 10:15 AM.  
A band scramble is a great way to make new friends, stretch the musical envelope and provide great entertainment. 
The band scramblers will be on the outdoor stage at 2:00p at the Town Green to strut their new-found stuff!
Admission to the outdoor stage is included in the Saturday Day Pass ticket or the Weekend Pass ticket.  Go to the Ticket page and follow the link to purchase your tickets online.